Michael Wohlleben


–– About ––
Born 1990, I was carried on the back of my father already as a child in the mountains. Later in 1998 I started climbing in a youth group and scaled my first 4000ers with 14 years. After finishing school I started my career as an professional climber back in 2009. With 21 years I became one of the youngest UIAGM mountain guides. I love training, climbing and realizing my DREAMS but also guiding my clients to the places, routes or summits they dream of since a long time.
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Rest days are the best days as my hero Wolfgang Güllich always said! Which mountain is in the backround on the left? #roomwithaview
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Very slowly I start to understand the road cyclists a bit...:-)...but only very slowly...and only a bit. #stillpaininthepo - Ganz langsam fang ich an die Rennradfahrer zu verstehen, aber nur ganz langsam...:-) http://www.movescount.com/de/moves/move63084063
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Back home after some days at Lago di Garda, I had so much fun at the safety training with Luftikus and Simon Winkler. And had also some time to go a little bit trail running. Another trip which showed me how much fun flying is! And In terms of flying I think I'm slowly prepared for our summer project in the alps. #simonisthebest adidas Outdoor PrimaLoft Petzl Scarpa Julbo Eyewear -- Nach ein paar Tagen am Gardasee bin ich wieder zuhause. Das Sicherheitstraining mit Luftikus, Freiraum und Simon Winkler hat super viel Spaß gemacht und fürs Fliegen hoffentlich viel Sicherheit gebracht. Ein bisschen Zeit zum Laufen war natürlich auch. Ich glaube so langsam bin ich für unser Sommer Projekt vorbereitet...
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Just before the "Hinterstoisser-Travers" in the Eiger north face on our 5h5min go, a guy made this picture before Julien and me passed them. And sent it to me yesterday. Thanks @Catalin Pobega for this surprise! - Kurz vor dem "Hinterstoisser-Quergang" bei unserer 5h5min Begehubg, überholten wir eine Seilschaft die mir gestern dieses Bild geschickt haben ;-). Danke Catalin Pobega. adidas Outdoor PrimaLoft Scarpa Petzl Julbo Eyewear Suunto
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–– Highlights ––
Eiger Northface Teamspeed Ascent (5h10min)
First Winter nonstop Trilogy of the Tre Cime Northfaces (15h42min)
First Ascent “Pray for Power” M14
First free ascents of „Antro.po.cene“ (Taghia 500m, 8a)
„Gehts noch Doc“ (Blankenstein 250m, 8a)
„Hystrix“ (Sicilia 220m, 8a)
„Ramadan“ 8b onsight and 3x8c redpoint
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Tel.: + 49.(0).171.99 80 23 7
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