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Born 1990, I was carried on the back of my father already as a child in the mountains. Later in 1998 I started climbing in a youth group and scaled my first 4000ers with 14 years. After finishing school I started my career as an professional climber back in 2009. With 21 years I became one of the youngest UIAGM mountain guides. I love training, climbing and realizing my DREAMS but also guiding my clients to the places, routes or summits they dream of since a long time.
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Breathing some fresh air and getting experience under my new wing - special but really really cool, the UFO. One of the wings without an under sail. Thanks for the help again X-Alps Team GER4 Nübel / Schineis #singleskin #weliketomovelight #andfast Airdesign Gliders Luftikus Freiraum Gleitschirmschule adidas Outdoor
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uuups and sorry! A friend of mine showed me an article made by the ALPIN Magazin, when I saw it I couldn't trust my eyes: they wrote Ueli Steck and Bruno Schläppi climbed 5h03min on the Eiger... I found out it's right...! Which means we are only third fastest team. You can really trust me, I was 100% sure over the past years, that they have climbed 5h05min it was a time I always had in my head after our last 5h10mins climb...that's why I didn't look again before I wrote this on my Facebook account. But it was wrong. So please sorry! Shame on me... and as I said in my last post, maybe it's not so much important generally, or somebody can say two minutes who cares...I care. And as a sports man I want this to be corrected...! Sorry Ueli&Bruno... Here is the article. http://www.alpin.de/home/news/9159/artikel_schnell_am_eiger_.html
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Second place men overall for my first ever real running comp (10km Unterlandlauf) was quite a surprise! But it was a small race and luckily not so many pros 😊. Need more...thanks @nilsmotyckaphysio👌 adidas Outdoor PrimaLoft Scarpa Petzl Julbo Eyewear Suunto
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Now some facts about our ascent of the Eiger north face yesterday. First of all I have to say we didn't aim for a record or something. Julien has a project which includes Eiger north face in this spring and he wanted to climb it ones again before. So I thought why not it has been quite a long time that I've been there. We started climbing in the morning and after 20 minutes we already went for a wrong track and had to turn back after some minutes. But we took it easy and climbed on. In the difficult crack I lost my crampons, luckily it was hanging in the small webbing and I climbed to the top of the difficult crack. There we needed some time to repair it, I have to admit it's a special lighweight self-made binding. So we had to open two M4 screws taking care not to loose them :-) shortening the crampon and fixing the small screws again - to be honest it made me quite nervous and it never happened since using it 5 years already. But ok, after the first testing meters it felt good again...so we climbed on, found good conditions, overtook some really kind parties letting us passing. And after ca. 4h40min we were standing above the exit chimneys. I thought no way, it's quite far to the summit, but I really would like to climb it under 5 hours. So we took of the rope and started to go fast. I always looked on the watch, breathing as much as I could (we weren't acclimatized) and felt that it will be difficult to be under 5h. Five meters before the summit I had again to took over my friend David with a client and summited totally sore and tired...I looked on my watch, saw 4:59:53. And was totally happy. Julien came some 5min later and we hugged each other. Actually I don't know now what to say about our team time...4:59:53h...5h05min...? But who cares...it was fun...we enjoyed...and survived. And here is a GPS track, I thought it's more exact but nice to have. I think that the altitude is going up in the end is because of some small delay in recording... http://www.movescount.com/de/moves/move59184379
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–– Highlights ––
Eiger Northface Teamspeed Ascent (5h10min)
First Winter nonstop Trilogy of the Tre Cime Northfaces (15h42min)
First Ascent “Pray for Power” M14
First free ascents of „Antro.po.cene“ (Taghia 500m, 8a)
„Gehts noch Doc“ (Blankenstein 250m, 8a)
„Hystrix“ (Sicilia 220m, 8a)
„Ramadan“ 8b onsight and 3x8c redpoint
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Tel.: + 49.(0).171.99 80 23 7
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