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Born 1990, I was carried on the back of my father already as a child in the mountains. Later in 1998 I started climbing in a youth group and scaled my first 4000ers with 14 years. After finishing school I started my career as an professional climber back in 2009. With 21 years I became one of the youngest UIAGM mountain guides. I love training, climbing and realizing my DREAMS but also guiding my clients to the places, routes or summits they dream of since a long time.
Eiger Northface Teamspeed Ascent (5h10min)
First Winter nonstop Trilogy of the Tre Cime Northfaces (15h42min)
First Ascent “Pray for Power” M14
First free ascents of „Antro.po.cene“ (Taghia 500m, 8a)
„Gehts noch Doc“ (Blankenstein 250m, 8a)
„Hystrix“ (Sicilia 220m, 8a)
„Ramadan“ 8b onsight and 3x8c redpoint
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Some pics of our day. Start parking Ehrwalder Zugspitzbahn. 1h approach to the face. 2h45min for the route "Zwischen den Toren" 6a+,1300m 24Sl (we didn't know the route before) up to the Schneefernerkopf 2675m. Honestly we didn't expect iced slabs and snow but it made it a bit more spicy. After a little time @michibueckers decided to try to fly down, I followed. And it was one of the best flights I ever had. Conclusion: 5hours car-to-car is a well spent time for this size of route and the amount of fun. #Tonka2 #climbandfly #livewithoutlimits skywalk Paragliders Luftikus adidas Outdoor PrimaLoft Petzl Scarpa Julbo Eyewear
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Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I made me a sweet birthday present today with the realization of a small climb&fly project near the Zugspitze with my friend @michibueckers :-). More to come soon. #tonka2 #thanksmeteo #shitalready25 #climbandfly #climachill #livewithoutlimits adidas Outdoor PrimaLoft skywalk Paragliders Luftikus Freiraum Flugschule
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#roomwithaview @julianbueckers
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In the Rätikon for some #multipitch mentoring with the Petzl& Scarpa young guns Firnenburgbrothers . Yesterday was perfect to learn some Basics in "New Age" a classic from 1988. Today we freeze like hell :-)... adidas Outdoor PrimaLoft Julbo Eyewear
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No 3:15 today but hard enough :-). Thanks to all the people helped me with this experience!!! I Need more! #berlinmarathon #firstmarathon #boostberlin #livewithoutlimits #terrex adidas Outdoor PrimaLoft Scarpa Petzl Julbo Eyewear Alpinschule Augsburg
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