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Did you already see this small video from our expedition to the southeastface of Jirishanca back in the days? I'm very happy to announce that we'll publish the 15min fullversion in the next weeks. Habt ihr schon den Kurzfilm unserer Expedition an die Südostwand des Jirishancas gesehen? Ist schon ein bisschen her, aber ich freue mich trotzdem "verkünden zu dürfen" :-) dass wir die 15minütige Vollversion in den nächsten Wochen veröffentlichen werden #hurra #lovelikeshare #andthankyouforthebirthdaywishes Hans Hornberger Arne Bergau Michi Wohlleben

Hey guys, now something important: yes I climbed Matterhorn north face, yes it took us only 6.5 hours although having a big route finding mistake. BUT take care also two friends who are mountain guides climbed it yesterday and it took them 15 hours and they came in the night...so hey only because of facebook, only because some people climbed it only because there is the air zermatt...IT'S STILL THE MATTERHORN NORTH FACE. Nothing has changed. It's still dangerous, still bad to belay, still long and a bad descent. So think about twice if you go there and ask yourself if you would have climbed it without all this informations from the internet. Take care and don't risk mountain rescuers lives!!!

Climbed yesterday the Matterhorn Northface. I really wanted to climb it for a long time because it's so mythical. And now we did it and it was fun ;-) Seid Jahren will ich mal Matterhorn Nordwand klettern und gestern wars endlich soweit und es hat auch noch richtig Spaß gemacht :-).

Video: Camilotto 


Together with Thomas Schrott I spend a little time in the Dolomites last year. I was able to climb the very old route “Camilotto Pellisier” at the Grande Cime free. And now the video of the time up there together with Thomas, Hans Hornberger and Hansi Heckmair up their is online!

Camera and Editing: Hans Hornberger
Soundtrack: Andreas Ahlfeldt (andreasbeats.com)

Video: Trainingsportrait 

Bergsteigen, Eisklettern, Mixedklettern, Alpinklettern, Sportklettern, Bouldern – Michi will alles. Im Trainingsportrait erklärt er, wie er sich fit macht.

Video Papi's kleiner 

Liebling (M11) 

Michi Wohlleben bei der 1. Rotpunktbegehung von der Mixedroute Papi’s kleiner Lieblieng